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1. General Provisions
1.1. By registering on denims.club Forum and writing at least one message, you automatically agree to these Forum Rules.
1.2. Ignorance of the Rules not only does not exempt participants from liability, but in itself is a violation and aggravating circumstance.
1.3. Communication at the Forum is based on the principles of mutual respect and equality of all participants of the Forum, which does not allow discrimination on any grounds (except for the Administrative staff due to its direct responsibilities). Harsh non-constructive statements, especially personal ones, are unacceptable.

2. Rights and obligations of the Forum participants
2.1. Each participant has an opinion on any issue and the right to express it. If this opinion does not suit you in some way, give worthy arguments or simply do not enter into a conversation. For rudeness and disrespect towards other participants, the moderators have the right to deprive you of the opportunity to participate in the discussion:

  • leave the opportunity only to read the forum, without the ability to write;
  • disconnect from the Forum at all (ban).

2.2. All participants, in addition to the basic rules, are also required to comply with the rules of those sections where they are.
2.3. When creating a new topic, it is recommended to indicate the essence of the matter in the title, and to describe the issue in as much detail as possible in the message. If these rules are not followed, the topic may be closed as not informative.
2.4. Do not duplicate topics. If a similar topic has already been discussed at the forum recently (you can (and need to) find out about this using the Search) - write to it, duplicate topics are closed, the topic author can be punished for not using the search.
2.5. It is not recommended that when replying to a message set aside a long quotation of previous messages (overquoting), cut them out - no one wants to download and scroll through meter-long messages.
2.6. It is not recommended to use red color when writing messages. The red color of the text is used only by forum moderators to highlight messages related to the performance of moderator functions.

3. Forum participants are prohibited
3.1. Use profanity in any form. Even if you think that the obscene language is necessary, then do not be surprised if the moderator considers otherwise.
3.2. To insult and discriminate against participants on any grounds.
3.3. Reply to a message that violates at least one of the forum rules. Do not try to assume the functions of a moderator or administrator, but the best thing is to inform them of the violation using the "Report post" button or through private messages.
3.4. To insult the culture, traditions and other national values of any people or country.
3.5. Distribute and publish private correspondence without the consent of the user with whom correspondence was conducted.
3.6. It is forbidden to call for violation of laws and international agreements.
3.7. Use other people's accounts to post messages, vote, create topics and polls.
3.8. Clone (create similar) nicknames of any of the Forum participants.
3.9. Place any advertising and pursue commercial goals in the Forum without the consent of the Administration.
3.10. Create topics closed previously by the moderator, as well as clone the same topic in one or more sections.
3.11. Overuse Caps Lock mode and large font size.
3.12. Create topics and publish messages with an excessive number of grammatical errors, slang words, a large number of animated pictures that interfere with the normal perception of the text.
3.13. Send spam via private messages and e-mail.
3.14. Publish pornographic images.
3.15. Create excessively long captions (consisting of more than two lines) and add links, pictures, rulers to them. All this can be inserted into the Profile.
3.16. Highlight signatures with color, font and other means, as well as place advertisements, site names and mate (even veiled) in signatures.
3.18. To put avatars aggressive, bloody, suicidal, depressive, with the image of narcotic drugs (and with the image of their use) and pornographic or too erotic in nature.
3.19. Put avatars with copyright without the consent of the author of the avatar and avatars with links to other resources.
3.20. Publish topics and messages containing meaningless or insignificant information (except for the "Arbor" section), for example, messages with only emoticons.
3.21. Publish “naked” links to third-party resources without sufficient explanation of what is located on these links. The meaning of the landing page should be clear without clicking on the link.
3.22. To publish knowingly false information, slander.
3.23. Artificially raise the topic of discussion with meaningless messages such as “why don’t we write?”, “It was fun!”, Etc.
3.24. Lead a discussion using dishonest techniques in the form of “distorting” other people's statements, editing / deleting your messages in order to distort / hide their original meaning.
3.25. It is forbidden to start topics on religious subjects.
3.27. It is forbidden to bicker with moderators and administrators. The actions of the administration and site moderators regarding moderation and administration are not discussed or commented on. Questions regarding the operation of the site can be asked in the correct form in the appropriate section of the Forum.

4. Administrators and moderators are entitled
4.1. Edit, delete, move topics or posts in certain sections in accordance with the Forum Rules.
4.2. Edit user profiles and signatures, apply sanctions and other measures to control messages and topics within the framework of the Forum rules (for example, pre-moderation).
4.3. Punish the Forum participants in case of violation of the Forum Rules.
4.4. Block the account if the registration field does not activate it within 30 days.
4.5. Delete an account if a temporary email is specified during registration.

5. Sanctions for breaking the rules
5.1. As sanctions for violation of the Forum Rules by administrators and moderators can be used:

  • verbal warning (can be both public (addressed to all participants in the discussion) and personal;
  • accrual of penalty points, the accumulation of which leads to the application of other sanctions;
  • pre-moderation - preliminary verification of messages and user topics before their publication;
  • deprivation of rights to publish messages;
  • deprivation of all rights (ban of the Profile) - is used as an extreme measure of punishment for serious violations;
  • banning by ip-address and / or user deletion - is used as a punishment for especially serious violations.

5.2. The choice of sanction, as well as exceptions to the rules, remains at the discretion of the Forum Administration.
5.3. The administration can also issue a warning, and later punish the user for violating the moral and generally accepted norms of this forum.
The validity period of the reprimand is not limited and depends on the further behavior of the user.

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